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Simple and innovative, our platform enables car fleet managers and companies to resell their car fleet quickly and at the best market price.

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About our solution

Our platform is a B2B electronic auction platform and allows car fleet managers and business owners to digitize all their car fleet sales processes. Sell used vehicles to approved and verified professional buyers in just a few clicks from your Smartphone and at the best prices on the market thanks to innovative technology.

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Company vehicles

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Any mileage & condition accepted

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4 good reasons to use our solution to sell your car fleet

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A simple and complete tool that allows you to:

    Add your vehicles by entering the license plate ;In order to save you time, a simple entry of the vehicle license plate allows you to automatically pre-enter the main characteristics of the vehicle. This saves you time and avoids input errors.
    Schedule an electronic auction in just one click ;In order to allow you to maximize your chances of selling your fleet, we have set up a powerful and efficient sales auction system.
    Track every transaction in real time from your smartphone.
    The entire sales process is digitized. This way, you can closely follow each sale in progress, supervise payments and collections of the sold cars.


Schedule a sale and find buyers in less than 6 hours.Receive the sale amount in less than a week.The collection of the won vehicles will also be organised in less than a week!


Maximize the value of your fleet with a powerful sales system.You define a minimum price and the market sets the actual price of your vehicle(s). You receive 100% of the total amount directly to your bank account.


Once your lot is sold, you send an invoice for the amount of the sale to the winning buyer. The vehicles can only be recovered once the invoice has been entirely paid.

sell car fleet to professional buyers company

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